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Vegan Body Transformation Coaching is the best online system to transform your body with plant based nutrition, most effective training and full online support. Coaching for individuals ready for their ultimate physique change!


One to one coaching specific to you and your goals , motivating and providing full support so you can successfully transform your physique!


Personal plant based nutrition and effective structured training programme designed to create incredible changes in your body in the most efficient way possible.


Having the support of not only your coach but likeminded people going through the same journey as you, supporting and sharing their success with eachother along the way.


Constant education on training, nutrition and mindset to keep the motivation up and resuts coming.

Results speak for themselves!


4 Differences: Vegan Diet VS Standard Diet!
Some of our client transformations!

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🌟Happy Monday Everyone 🌟
Make sure whenever possible start your week strong and with a good workout or at least go for a walk if possible;)
Your body loves to move believe it or not!;)
Yoga, swim, run, gym, dance, box, climb, walk, surf, rollerblade, cycle, pilates, group class etc... Endless possibilities!

So get moving and you’ll thank me later!
If you are someone who has a negative association with working out- message me! As we can change that association to positive instead!😉

Also if you are still struggling with your weight after a long time trying to lose weight- read more info on Awaken The Goddess Project-

An 8 Week Body and Mind Transformation Programme where we don’t only change the body but also the mind! We must change the identity and build that self love and connection for long term results 😉
#gymselfies #veganfitnessjourney #veganfit
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🌟Awaken The Goddess Project Kati Orgmets results🌟
She is amazing and I am so happy that during the programme she went back dancing, lost weight, found herself, discovered her purpose, bettered her relationship with her family, friends and partner and enrolled in her papers for something she had thought of for 8 years prior- never ever underestimate how much your life can change for better in just 8 weeks!
Kati also did the negative emotional release sessions and haven’t had fights with her partner since;)

Ladies if you are watching or reading this- please reach out! There is a life so amazing waiting for you and I want to help you find true happiness within you and around you:)

If you are struggling with your body or mind then read more info about Awaken The Goddess Project- the 8 week transformation programme-

This is especially for those of you who have tried many diets before! Weight loss is a mindset/ emotional change thing- sorry but long term results only come when we change the mind! So that’s why in incorporates Vegan Nutrition, Progressive Training and Mindset/ Emotional work! Having struggled with my body for sooooo many years and coached so many women- trust me I know! 😉

If you have negative emotions and past events holding you back then message me as there are powerful techniques to release those;)

Lots of love!
Amazing work Kati!! Very so extremely proud of you!

#weightloss #lifetransformation
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