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Vegan Body Transformation Coaching is the best online system to transform your body with plant based nutrition, most effective training and full online support. Coaching for individuals ready for their ultimate physique change!


One to one coaching specific to you and your goals , motivating and providing full support so you can successfully transform your physique!


Personal plant based nutrition and effective structured training programme designed to create incredible changes in your body in the most efficient way possible.


Having the support of not only your coach but likeminded people going through the same journey as you, supporting and sharing their success with eachother along the way.


Constant education on training, nutrition and mindset to keep the motivation up and resuts coming.

Results speak for themselves!


4 Differences: Vegan Diet VS Standard Diet!
Some of our client transformations!

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🌟My Transformation Story!🌟
For years and years I dieted and dieted and wished to lose weight. Nothing worked for long term and even if I lost a bit of weight I gained it back after the diet was over.
I felt guilty for binge eating on ice cream and cakes during and after every restrictive diet I was on. This tiring yo-yo cycle went on for over 10 years!

At one point I had enough, I hit my pain threshold and I literally couldn’t go on another day living in the misery of how I felt inside my body and mind. So I joined the gym.
Fortunately I was supported by a personal trainer there and I started losing a lot of weight from the training and the diet together.

Fast forward few years and I had the habit of training and I had lost a lot of weight and no longer looked like before but when I looked in the mirror I still saw the ‘fat me’. Other people would compliment my body and I would not believe them. The outside had changed but the inside didn’t come with it. And I was still struggling with my diet but in less extreme ways.

I thought: ‘There has to be a way for me to just eat whatever I want and not gain weight, there has to be life without dieting?’ Then I came across Vegan nutrition💚🙏 JACKPOT!
Me with a massive appetite could finally eat so much more food without gaining weight! I knew this had to be shared!

And the other point about not believing I was fit and mind not coming with the results- that got resolved after I was coached by my mentor Alice with NLP Neuro Linguistc Programming techniques and learned them myself. When I changed my language, let go limiting beliefs, old negative thought patterns, released negative emotions and learned to love myself which were the very reasons I went for food for comfort in the first place.

See what I understood was that the weight loss problems I had were just a symptom from a deeper mental and emotional stuff. .
Now my mission is to help women with the same challenges as I had!

Let me guide you out of the struggle- link below for Awaken The Goddess Project- 8 Week Body & Mind Transformation of everything I have learned throughout all these years and what actually works!

#vegancoach #veganweightloss
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🌟’You Can’t Build Muscle On A Vegan Diet!’🌟
Eeeemmm... This statement is untrue & very limiting! And is thrown around by not just people in general, but also.... ONLINE & PERSONAL TRAINERS!!! 😮
Yes! It is fcked up & sad!😢
I made a video about how people pose their limitations on others by saying ‘You can’t do this or can’t do that’. Heeyyy... I am certainly doing it and I am not the only one!
So this post is for anyone who have ever been told that they can’t build muscle on a vegan diet. Next time that happens, just say: ‘I know a vegan trainer who has been vegan for 4 years and has muscles!’ And the show them this photo haha! 💪🏻💚😉😂
I have more muscle now than I did when I wasn’t eating plant based! I have more stamina, more strength and I love how I feel! 🌟
There are certainly ways to eat unhealthy or not enough as vegan, but so is the same if you eat everything too. 🌟
This is not a post for me to tell you to go vegan- this is a post to stop the false accusations and limiting beliefs and knowledge like you can’t build muscle as a vegan.
If there are any trainers out there still saying that to your clients- just sent them to me ok😉, no need to tell them that they have to eat meat if they want muscles, if they don’t really have to.
It’s like: If I am not qualified to help someone with a back injury for example- I don’t go telling a client with a back injury that they can never get better or that it can’t be done. No, I refer them to someone who does know- simple😉
Less limits more action! Less ego more love! Less meat more compassion. 💪🏻💚
#veganmuscle #veganrant #veganfit
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