February 28, 2017




What does Vegan Body Transformation Coaching believe in?

Passion, vegan food, compassion for all living animals, effective training, motivated mindset, support, consistency, honesty, progress, quality, results.

How will Vegan Body Transformation Coaching help me to achieve my results?

Anyone who wants to achieve their physique goals needs 3 things to be present- good mindset, training and nutrition. It is like a puzze and if one of the pieces is missing the system fails. In Vegan Body Transformation Coaching the whole puzzle is being taken cared of!

You will get full support from your coach, including: coaching calls, plant based nutrition plan specifically for your body, effective structured progressive workout plans, seminars, community support and tracking progress throughout your journey.

What is the Nutrition like?

We believe that plant based nutrition is the healthiest way to feed the body what it really needs.  It is also the best way for the body to go back to it’s original form, lose excess bodyfat, making you feel good, full of energy and balanced. Contrary to the common belief-building muscle on a plant based diet is no problem if you know what nutrients and amounts of food your body needs.

Personal nutrition plan will be created based on your goals, body and lifestyle, whilst supporting your training and avoiding metabolic damage and plateauing with the results.

If you are not vegan yet or are transitioning to vegan, let us know and we can support you more on this.

What is the Training like?

The training programmes include weight training with added cardio. The training is progressive and tailored based on latest training research. Weight training will keep your body constantly progressing and achieving the results you want whether you’re a beginner or a long time gym fan. Whether your goal is to lose bodyfat or build muscle- all will be achieved with our effective training plans.

Why is it so affordable?

We want to help as many people as possible to achieve their dream bodies- not just for temporary but for forever. We made it affordable so that everyone could achieve their ultimate physique!

Is this a quick fix?

Although you will notice your body  changing already after the first week, it is a lifestyle change and it can take you depending on the goal 8-20 weeks.

Is it for me?

Yes if you are someone who is ready for a change, fed up from current situation, willing to put in the work and ready to see your body transform and feel amazing!

Do I need to access a gym?

Yes you do need access to gym equipment for best results.
We can provide a home- training programme, but that may limit the results.

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