Vegan Body Transformation Coaching

Vegan Body Transformation Coaching on parim kehamuutus süsteem Eestis, mille eesmärgiks on totaalselt muuta Sinu keha taimse toidu, kõige tõhusama treeningu ja täieliku online toetusega.


Üks-ühele online tugi konkreetselt Sulle ja Sinu eesmärkidele, motiveeriv ja tagab täieliku toe, et edukalt oma keha muuta!


Personaalne taimne toitumiskava ja tõhus struktureeritud treeningprogramm, mille eesmärgiks on luua kõige efektiivsemal viisil uskumatuid muutusi!


Sind ei toeta mitte ainult Sinu treener, vaid ka Sinule sarnased inimesed, kes läbivad sama teekonna jagades oma edu ja kogemusi.


Ōpetlik haridus treeningu, toitumise ja mõtteviisi kohta, et tagada pidev motivatsioon ja tulemused!

Tulemused räägivad enda eest!


4 Erinevust: Vegan Toitumine VS Standard Toitumine! Ingl.k
Klientide muutused!
Krista muutus!


Imagine if you would suddenly become the most confident version of yourself? How would your life be different? How would you day be different?
How would your work be different? Would you ask for a raise? Do something else? Pursue your dreams?

How would your relationship be different?? Would you feel more attractive in your skin? Would you experiment more with what you wear?
Would you say how you really feel without any fear?

Would you rock any parties you go to. How many more events would you go to?
Would you get together with your friends more and express yourself full and not hold back your thoughts. Would you be more social and open to new connections?

How much more choices would you have?
How much more freedom would you feel?
And how are you missing out now by not being that version of you?

Imagine waking up and feeling truly confident and in your power, not a single worry about what anyone else thinks. Knowing that you are amazing and unique just the way you are and truly believing that! Gone are the days of comparison and self doubt- strength, courage and love are ruling now! You want something- you go for it, and you are no longer holding yourself back.

Sounds good?

Is this possible you ask?
Oh yeah! Come and discover it for yourself at the workshop already on coming Sunday!
Discover Your True Confidence Workshop (in Estonian ) on the 8th of July at Myfitness Postimaja!

We will also have a smashing training session and a relaxing meditation;) Contact me today to book your spot and get ready to become that kick ass I can do anything version of yourself;) 🌟🌟🌟 #myfitnesseesti
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🌟Losing Weight Doesn’t Have To Be Associated With Starving, Crazy Hunger and With An Empty Stomach🌟

It can also be fulfilling and balanced! When we eat plant based foods we can consume a lot more food in quantities with consuming less calories. This allows us to lose weight whilst feeling full which is a massive benefit comparing to other diets like paleo etc. With most diets you get very hungry!
My ladies who take part of Awaken The Goddess Project which is the 8 week body and mind transformation programme often say ‘ Omg I get to eat so much food’ or ‘is this right that the portions are so big?’ Haha! And it’s different to most diets which barely fill your stomach up! We can’t go long like this! Hunger can drive us crazy! That’s why it’s soo much easier to diet with plant based foods! ✨✨✨
I have tried and done so many diets in the past before I went vegan and eating vegan is by far the easiest way to lose weight if done right. It simply is too good to be true! But it works! I love it! I love being able to have a fit body after almost 4 years of eating vegan and I love the results my clients get!
Thank god that I came across that few years ago otherwise I would have still have struggled with hunger and cravings as I was desperately trying to find balance and feel good. So if you are reading this and have been trying to lose weight for a long time and with no long term luck so far. Please do get in contact because the solution is way more enjoyable than you have ever imagined!;)

Link for more info about Awaken The Goddess Project 🌟🌟🌟
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