Vegan Body Transformation Coaching

Vegan Body Transformation Coaching on parim kehamuutus süsteem Eestis, mille eesmärgiks on totaalselt muuta Sinu keha taimse toidu, kõige tõhusama treeningu ja täieliku online toetusega.


Üks-ühele online tugi konkreetselt Sulle ja Sinu eesmärkidele, motiveeriv ja tagab täieliku toe, et edukalt oma keha muuta!


Personaalne taimne toitumiskava ja tõhus struktureeritud treeningprogramm, mille eesmärgiks on luua kõige efektiivsemal viisil uskumatuid muutusi!


Sind ei toeta mitte ainult Sinu treener, vaid ka Sinule sarnased inimesed, kes läbivad sama teekonna jagades oma edu ja kogemusi.


Ōpetlik haridus treeningu, toitumise ja mõtteviisi kohta, et tagada pidev motivatsioon ja tulemused!

Tulemused räägivad enda eest!


Klientide muutused!
Krista muutus!


What Is the Right Mindset for Best Results?

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It frustrates me to my core to see people give up their dream or goal in getting the physique they've always wanted! They tell me how it's an issue impacting their life, they tell me their goals, reasons and how much they want to achieve them- yet- they don't do anything about them! 😒They would rather stay the same and be comfortable than do something new and actually achieve their full potential! This is so sad and sometimes gets me angry! 😡Fortunately there are also people who take action and when they do they get results like on this picture! 😯Amazing client lost over 10kg and look how fit she looks! But remember it's the inside journey that counts too and not only has she changed her physique- her mindset has shifted! Being happy in your skin brings so many benefits such as: more confidence, less fears, more risks, more satisfaction, more shopping fun, more compiments, feeling better about yourself, beach-time is now a good time, learning about your body and what works for you, progressing and seeing results makes you proud. And all of this is done with plant based food- which means you can i lt a lot more than with regular nutrition plans.
If you want to change your life you have to take action!! You have to step out of the comfort zone and do something new!And you have to cut the bs excuses and stop sabotaging your own success! 💥
And don't tell me you want it- show me you want it with your actions!
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