It’s been two weeks of joining the program. I feel amazing – I’m full all the time in a nice way, no urges to cheat and I am training almost every day 🙂 I have lost 1.4 kg and -9cm.  Kelly

A week has passed and the feeling is unbelievable!  I would like to go to the gym every day , but I am holding myself back.  Jana

I also just finished a workout 2h ago. Emotions are exactly the same as Jana’s! For the first time in my life I feel greatly motivated to go to the gym, and it has become one of my priorities! And vegan food supports it perfectly.  Kertu

My first day of the 3rd week on the programme started in the morning with: “Mom, you have such beautiful legs.” The cellulite has disappeared from the legs so incredibly fast 🙂 And my whole family is inspired. My husband has also started to go to the gym with me now, and today when we both went on the scale he had also lost few kilos. I have also done some training sessions with my eldest daughter. It is just so cool to experience this support and develop together!   Krista

Picture- Jana