February 28, 2017


Vegan Body Transformation Coaching is complete online system to transform your body with plant based nutrition, most effective training and full online support along the way.


Founder Kerly Saarkoppel has been working in various countries around the world as a personal trainer training hundreds of clients. It soon became clear to her that there was a need for a vegan coaching programme that provides people with best tools in nutrition, mindset and training for greatest results. She wanted to provide people with continuous support and knowledge on those three areas. That is why she created Vegan Body Transformation Coaching.


One to one coaching specific to you and your goals , motivating and providing full support so you can successfully transform your physique!


Personal plant based nutrition and effective structured training programme designed to create incredible changes in your body in the most efficient way possible.


Having the support of not only your coach but likeminded people going through the same journey as you, supporting and sharing their success with eachother along the way.


Constant education on training, nutrition and mindset to keep the motivation up and resuts coming.


Kerly is a vegan personal trainer, who has a passion for helping others transform their bodies and minds through effective training, motivating coacing and plant based nutrition.
She herself struggled with her weight and bodyimage issues over 11 years of her life due to a strong emotional connection to food just like most people who struggle with bodyweight issues.

Kerly found her passion to fitness after getting to a low point where she had gained so much weight due to her unhealthy eating and partying habits that she had enough, joined the gym, got help from a personal trainer and never looked back!
She decided to help others just like trainers had helped her.
She has experience working in various sportsclubs and gyms delivering personal training sessions and classes in UK such as Fitness First, Fitness For Everybody, YMCA; in Estonia at MyFitness and is currently coaching clients at Sydney Australia at Anytime Fitness.

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